Jason PicJason Watson has been creating music for over 20 years. His primary motivation has roots in his Christian upbringing. Jason grew up with friends and family who set a great example of servant ministry. In his teens, Jason found his calling to ministry in the music that came so naturally to him.

Through years of creative success, Jason has written and performed his music for every occasion of life, from weddings and funerals to youth rallies and charities. Jason now finds joy in creating music for his own band to play and tour with. He travels routinely and has recently begun to add popular secular tunes to his repertoire.

Jason is an award-winning artist, most recently celebrating a success with his tune "I am Here". It spent time on radio hit charts as well as winning Song of the Year from KingCat Music. Other awards Jason Watson has received include Best Live Performance and Best Group. Jason's much-anticipated CD "Close Enough" will release to the public in April 2013, and with that Jason Watson will once again be inspiring audiences with his gift of feel-good tunes.